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While most people think of downhill skiing when it comes to activities in Salt Lake City, the real hidden gem is cross-country skiing. This beautiful mountain resort is located on the increasingly popular Timpanogos Mountain, with views that will amaze even those in the parking lot when you drive in. It offers something special for visitors who are on holiday outside the city.

In addition to the performance, guests can enjoy an outdoor terrace that stretches the length of the building and offers excellent views of the city and the Oquirrh Mountains. The living room offers access to some of the most accessible views of Salt Lake City. Millcreek Canyon is the gateway to the Mill Creekside neighborhood in Salt Lake City and provides a great opportunity to traverse one of Utah's oldest and most scenic hiking trails. During the performances, you can also enjoy live music, food, drinks and entertainment from local artists, as well as a variety of outdoor activities.

Place Monument celebrates the place where Brigham Young first saw the Salt Lake Valley and declared it his final destination before the pioneers made the 1,300-mile journey on foot. The Emigration Canyon estuary is home to one of Utah's most scenic hiking trails and the site where he laid out Salt Lake City in an organized grid system that is still in use today. City Creek Canyon has been a popular destination for hiking, camping and other outdoor activities for many years. If you want to visit a state park, take a trip to Antelope Island to find some of the best hiking and camping opportunities in the state.

There are many events and tons of lights and helpers in the so-called Christmas town of Utah. Volunteers are in the South Valley, leaving the South Valley and heading to Utah's North Salt Lake Valley for Christmas celebrations.

The Broadway Centre Theatre, run by the Salt Lake Film Society, is one of my favourite places for foreign and indie films. One of the best places you can see Live comedy in Salt Lake City is at Wiseguys Comedy Club.

Abravanel Hall, home to the Utah Symphony Orchestra, hosts a number of performances throughout the city, including the Utah Symphony. Eccles Theatre hosts some of Utah's best live music, as well as a host of other shows and events.

The Red Butte Garden includes a botanical garden, an arboretum and an amphitheater operated by the University of Utah in the foothills of Salt Lake City. At the foot of City Creek Canyon is a beautiful Utah monument with fountains, monuments and a beautifully landscaped area, just a few blocks from downtown Utah City and a few blocks from the Utah State Capitol. Nearby is the small town of Midway, which is a popular ice castle attraction in winter and an ice rink in summer.

City Creek Center is a wonderful place to do Christmas shopping in Salt Lake City and enjoy the anticipation of the holidays. With reasonable prices and high-quality inventory, visiting SaltLake City over the decades is one of our best activities in and around SaltLake City. The Outlets of Traverse Mountains are new and host some of your favorite factories, including Home Depot, Sears, Macy's, Kmart, Target and many others. Hogle Zoo is another great place for family and friends, as well as a great destination for kids, and the best thing we have done in or near Salt Lake City for our kids.

Produced by the Salt Lake City Arts Council, this annual open-air concert series attracts young and young adults to showcase popular local artists. The annual event series at the University of Utah's Red Butte Gardens features some of the best music from Salt Lake City.

Snowbird Oktoberfest # 3 is held annually at Snowbird Ski & Summer Resort and was voted among the Top 10 Ok, that's the county of the men's magazine.

This event is one of the most notable activities in Salt Lake City during the winter months and is sponsored by the Get River Festival. You should definitely be wary of this event and the other things to do in the summer months, as well as some of the things we have done in and around Salt Lake City.

This annual event is sponsored by the North Salt Lake Chamber of Commerce, an organization that works to engage local decision makers and creators.

Ballet West has received a lot of support from the Utah Open Space Foundation and the adjacent Utah State Parks and Recreation Department. This post from Visit Utah describes some of the best rock climbing in SLC, but be sure to check out the Timpanogos. Do Utah, "you look out over the city of Salt Lake City and its many parks, paths and trails.

Although there are several great viewpoints in the city, this ride is one of the most beautiful, and although it is a bit away from downtown, some locals prefer to walk down this avenue and the neighborhood and enjoy the views from their homes and shops. Bring your best hiking boots to see what Brigham Young saw when he climbed the hill and gave it its current name in 1847.

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More About North Salt Lake