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In the heart of America's Mormon heartland, it is easy to imagine Salt Lake City and nightlife being mutually exclusive. Utah has some of the most bizarre alcohol laws in the country, but that doesn't stop you from having a great time in this city. Maybe it's the creativity required, or maybe it's to do with the alcohol law, but Utah actually has a nightlife and its bar scene is eclectic, unique and full of life. Although no one would compare the night - life - with New York City or San Francisco, the scene in SaltLake City embodies a variety of establishments and is very active.

There's no DJ dancing here, but the bar is a great place to just listen to live music and dance to the music of your favourite bands. If you are looking for a good beer, wine, food or just a fun evening, search the Internet or search online. This brewery is one of the best places in Salt Lake City to have a quiet conversation with a partner and share several snacks with friends.

This relatively small bar has all the components you need to make it a great place to spend a good beer, wine, food and even a few snacks. Stop searching now and just go to Beer Bar, a sister bar to the neighbouring Bar X, it's all about beer.

According to Salt Lake Magazine, they have a price - an award-winning menu and a wide selection of beers, wine and food. Bayou is one of the most popular bars in the city with a wide variety of options and is located just a few blocks from the city centre.

They also have a rotating list of craft cocktails that keep even the most discerning cinema going. Here is the place to make sure you # We saw everything from the great food and drinks to the great music and entertainment. By the way, here are some of the best places in Salt Lake City to stay with friends and family.

Located in the heart of downtown Salt Lake City, Lake Effect is the perfect place to spend a night in the city. It offers wonderful views and great views of the city as well as great views of Lake Tahoe. This gets our vote for the best hotel because it has a good selection of restaurants, a nice bar and a very nice hotel room.

The huge courtyard of the garage is full on summer evenings and you will find a lot of shows and cheap beer where you can get a show and a cheap beer.

The terrace offers a wide selection of burgers, fries, sandwiches, salads and a variety of other dishes. The burgers and fries are always delicious, as are the hot dogs, chicken wings, tacos and other snacks.

JM from Salt Lake City wrote: "The squatters" beers and microbrews are fantastic, but so are the food, and it's a must to be on Whiskey Street, where you have everything. Whisky - Whiskey whiskey cocktails, whiskey, cocktails and food are definitely the bubs downtown Salt Lake City needs to have in this category.

Unlike many pubs in Salt Lake City, Porcupine combines an all-age restaurant with a bar area. The bar retains the speakeasy feel, serves old-fashioned prohibition drinks and plays jazz and blues.

Avenues Proper offers small and simple eateries with a beer list that could easily surpass the beer bar brewed at the classic Beerhive Pub on Main Street. Because there is so much variety, you can spend as little or as much time as you want in the beer bar.

Andrew from Salt Lake City writes: "Trio is great contemporary Italian food, also serves a fantastic Sunday brunch and is the only restaurant that opens in Salt Lake City on Sunday mornings. If you live in Salt Lake City and are having trouble finding a place to eat, Trio is a great option. The Crystal Inn is one of the best hotels in downtown SaltLake City where we stayed.

The Porcupine Pub stands out as one of the best restaurants in Salt Lake City where we stayed with our family. This is why this neighborhood is a great place to stay with friends and family or just spend an evening in the city. The neighborhood has a wide variety of restaurants and bars as well as some of Utah's most popular bars and restaurants, such as the Red Rocks Pub and Cafe.

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