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The American restaurant brings healthy, inventive and delicious cuisine to the eastern side of the Salt Lake Valley through a locally owned restaurant run by local businesses. We are proud to announce the opening of two new restaurants in the North Utah area, both of which are well known in the SLC restaurant scene. This box of delicacies is certainly a great addition to any culinary experience, especially for those who need a quick and easy meal. American cuisine, showcasing a creative flair that spans the globe, with an emphasis on local ingredients, local craft beer and craft cocktails.

The restaurant is reminiscent of the 1930s and offers a cheerful, cheerful atmosphere. La Caille is one of Utah's most popular seafood concepts and you can't beat its seasonal dishes, which are absolutely phenomenally delicious. They are considered Utah's "most popular" fish concept and have an award-winning menu that lets them buy the freshest fish in the world for their home - cooked fresh fish, but they also serve delicious non-seafood. All the food is local and the restaurants inside are absolutely fantastic.

Located just 4 miles from Millcreek Canyon and just south of Temple, Sawadee is perfect for dining in one of Utah's most beautiful neighborhoods, South Temple. The combination of good food and ambience makes this a great place for lunch and dinner, or even just for an evening. It is beautiful and you will find breathtaking views of the city, the mountains and the valley below.

Located near the Golden Braid bookstore, this restaurant offers a quiet place to relax and great views of the Salt Lake City skyline. If you're looking for the best sandwich in town, head to this place to get one of the best bites you can get in Salt Lake City. 2011 brings us to Marble Mountain Pizza, a food delivery service in NorthSalt Lake that won't disappoint, choose Domino's if you've never tried it.

The original location of Red Iguana # 1 is located near the local Trax station, which is connected to the Salt Lake City International Airport. This restaurant features a hand-painted mural by local artist Joe D'Agostino, which offers views of the city from the front door of the Davis County Courthouse overlooking Great Salt Lake and Antelope Island.

You may want to linger for a few hours to sample the city's growing local food scene, but with this guide you won't be bored. If you're in town, be sure to check out the archives of Salt Lake City for more information about the city's history and restaurants, as well as a list of nearby restaurants. There are many more restaurants and bars in North Salt Lake City, and you'll want to visit them all if you want to learn more about their history and food.

This place is one of those restaurants I always return to try and recommend to guests from the city. This restaurant is the kind of place where you will be happy to try as many menus as possible as the months and years go by. The fact that we know that this restaurant has stood the test of time tells you that this place is as local as it can be. It is a great place to eat now and then, with the opportunity to return - and - again, as well as always recommend the restaurant to your guests outside the city.

The dessert menu at Red Butte Cafe is superior to the usual ice cream and cake selection. The Sage Cafe is one of the most popular restaurants in North Salt Lake City, and the best bakery in SLC qualifies as a good breakfast or lunch if you decide to make a meal out of more than just pastries. At all times, the Red Andte bakery offers a wide selection of desserts, from cakes and ice cream to cakes, biscuits and cakes.

Guests are offered exquisite starters such as maytag, blue cheese crêpes and souffleuse, and the main course is built-in - from peppers, goulash and pierogies to grilled Utah trout. Don't miss the current menu, the house - the best tiramisu you'll have in your life, as well as a wide selection of desserts.

If you are looking for farm produce - fresh, artisanal produce - then Pago's is just what you need - it is the place to dream of your day. This highly decorated eatery has been recognized by the Utah State Restaurant Association, the Salt Lake City Chamber of Commerce and other local restaurants. There is a wide selection of dishes such as chicken and pork ribs, steak, pork chops, burgers and more - all dishes you can dream of all day with a glass of wine or beer.

The Roof Gardens restaurant opened in 1914 as the Utah Hotel and has become one of the most popular restaurants in Salt Lake City. The Roof Restaurant and Garden Restaurant opened its first location on Market Street, just south of Main Street. Since its opening, the restaurant has also developed into a full service restaurant with bar and restaurant, as well as an outdoor terrace and outdoor seating area.

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